Important MLPBOX Notice

Effective July 2019: MLP BOX will be changing formats. We will no longer be offering a monthly subscription box, but instead, a better, new quarterly box in its place. This means, that MLP BOX will no longer be shipped out monthly after the June 2019 Box. Instead, we'll be shipping out a new, improved box on a quarterly basis. This means that subscribers will get a box, with better MLP merchandise every 3 months instead of the monthly box.

Given the feedback from over the last two years, we believe that this is the best way to improve MLP BOX, make subscribers happier and continue providing worthwhile My Little Pony merchandise to fellow MLP fans. Instead of being charged the monthly $9.99 (USD) + shipping each month, subscribers will now be charged $29.99 (USD) + shipping, once every three months starting on July 1st, 2019. Monthly MLP BOX shipments will continue until the end of June 2019. In July, the first quarterly MLP Boxes will ship out.

All existing active subscription plans will be switched over to quarterly subscriptions after the June 1st renewal. All 3-month, 6-month & yearly subscriptions that have been prepaid will be credited and applied to future quarterly MLP Boxes. Each quarterly box will guarantee an exclusive shirt along with an assortment of better quality MLP merchandise, toys and accessories. If you have any feedback about this change, we would greatly like to know your thoughts on these upcoming changes. Please feel free to email [email protected] with any questions you might have about the service, or send us a message on Facebook.